January 30, 2015


HELLO. This is where I talk to nobody in particular about the things that make my world go round, or occasionally what annoys me.

Not much annoys me, but I do have lots of loves.

I love three kinds of music.

The first is making my own. The second is David Bowie's, because I don't think there ever is, was or will be another quite like him, and I think of his "music" as separate from music: it's something else, compared to the noises everyone else makes.

And the third is all other kinds of music.

I also love literature, history, art, women, gadgets and gizmos, politics, lots of things, and I find all aspects of our world fascinating.

As you can see from the drop-down menu above, I also love to travel and explore new places, and I have developed a taste for going to places people don't seem to visit much. Moldova or Ukraine, Russia or Albania are my cup of tea, and I like to stay in normal apartments, most nights going to the local shop for local food, which helps give me an authentic feel of what it is like to live there.

I play various musical instruments, some better than others and none brilliantly, but I like to think I'm a creative person.

I am enjoying growing old and I like being in a world where, all of a sudden, ordinary folk and special folk can tell the world all about stuff, and you never really know who is listening. God Bless the internet.

If you are too young to remember life before the internet, you have missed some wonderful things that will never return, but you also have the advantage of living in this incredible, terrifying, inspiring, rushing modern world.

But I am also deeply worried about things I see on the news, wars and religion and unfairness, how the world is eating itself, etc.

Tyrants and backyard bombers and twisted fruitcakes and secret services and bigotry and greed and starvation and decadence and conspiracies and spies and aggression and massacres and children and women and faiths and innocent people being treated badly. And, idiotically, ordinary people - not just the tyrants - treating each other badly.

It's good and healthy that ordinary Joes like me can say stuff, and someone we'll never know may read it and say, "This is an idiot", or, "That's how I feel, too".

So far, from pages I can see in Admin, I note that many thousands of people have had a look at my little blog.

I would love it if everyone in the world learned to play a musical instrument, or learned to sing. Music is the secret to a happy life, as is love, both inextricably linked and feeding off one another.

And be nice to each other, for God's sake. There are enough shits out there already.

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* The music is a Gymnopedie by Erik Satie.


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